FIND-of-the-DAY Mixing Modern

This home owner likes the clean paired down look of Mid Century modern.  The 'Mad Men' 1960's aqua blue couch is representative of some of our furniture. 

To my surprise I am attracted to the home spun needle point rugs shown below. I am NOT a garage sale repurpose designer. I can, however see the stunning colorful graphic rug with the 60's slim room. Not one piece of clutter. Rug, couch, chairs and floor lamps. Keep the room balanced not over the top distracted with too many accent pieces. 

     Rooms above and below by: Alison Kandler Interior Designs 

** Arm chair designers what are your thoughts about mixing Mid Modern with the hand made rug?
  I promise not to install a birdcage chandelier above our Scandanvian bent wood set.