FIND-of-the-DAY Mid-Century Modern in Michigan

The design rage of the moment is "Mid-Century Modern". Unfortunately Michigan has few such properties. Most of these homes are in warmer climates such as Southern California.

I love this home for multiple reasons. (Yes the great furniture and clean photo presentation helps). Location, location, location. Huntington Woods is centered in the Detroit metropolis with easy access to 696, Woodward and mass transit (what minimal mass transit Detroit has). 36324 Humber is within walking distance to the Detroit Zoo offering. Biking distance to the bustling cities of Royal Oak and Ferndale.

An extra $12,000 could be used to updating the homes flooring and installing ceiling lights. Obviously this blogger has been watching waaaay to much HGTV when she starts throwing around $12,0000 in a blink.

A far less sexy reason why Mid-Century ranch homes are so popular: aging Americans want  ranch homes easier to navigate. Thus those  who have taste but abhor condos seek out alternatives to the bland track homes of the 1960's. 

Home buyers wanting access to entertainment and an easy commute to multiple directions of Metro Detroit 26324 Humber is a property worth visiting. The $390,000 (2,000 sq. ft.) price should be reviewed to comparable selling prices in the neighborhood. 

Questions on the Realestate buyers wish list .... do you want the hot happening urban scene down town? Or a quieter home with lovely architecture, double the square feet and ample storage. Huntington Woods will have lower insurance and no added income tax that Detroit residents are unfairly burdened with.

McMansion home builders take note ....the not so sexy reason folks are flocking to ranch houses are for ease, mobility and access to urban culture. Those massive homes also impact the environment via heating, cooling and commuting. McMansions .... so 90's.